Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is basically standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself along with a single ended paddle. It is currently exploding into popularity and is the fastest growing sport in the world. Now you can give it a go on Koh Lanta with two shops to choose from on Khlong Dao Beach – great fun and exercise for all the family.



There are no scuba diving sites on the island itself, all require a boat trip. However Lanta is the closest island to the famous Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Koh Haa sites, so it is very popular with divers. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang near Ko Lanta are perhaps the best dive sites in Thailand (frequently ranking in the world’s top ten) with more than 200 hard corals and 108 reef fish catalogued in a study underway, but thousands more organisms abound. Hin Daeng has the steepest and deepest in the whole of the country with fantastic marine life. Hin Muang next door is completely underwater and it is covered with delicate violet coral. The sites also have one of the world's highest incidences of whale shark sightings. For details refer to Diving in Thailand and Diving in Ko Lanta.



Koh Haa - this is the best site in Thailand for mixed groups of snorkelers and divers. For divers only, it offers amazing swim-throughs. In recent years Koh Haa has seen a large increase in the number of fish present at the reefs, due to committed conservation policies. Koh Rok - Koh Rok, 47 km south of Lanta, actually consists of two islands: Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok, both graced with powdery white sand beaches and ringing coral. Snorkeling here is above average for Southeast Asia (better than Phuket or Phi Phi, though not to be compared with Okinawa or Hawaii). Speedboat trips here cost 1500 baht, including buffet lunch and shore pick-up from anywhere on (the west coast of) Lanta; longtail trips cost ~700 baht.


Four Island Tour

Actually, you'll see way more than four islands, but there will be four stops including snorkeling, beaches, scenic coves, and Koh Mook's amazing Emerald Cave. The cave itself is a pitch black, 80-meter-long passageway that you swim through guided by the flashlights of your tour guides. There are lots of twists and turns (and opportunities to bang your head on the cave walls) so don't get lost! The tunnel opens into a hidden lagoon that's ringed on all sides by steep mountain walls. Large boat trips (such as by the Four Islands Tour Group) cost 1100 to 1200 baht, including buffet lunch and hotel transfer to Old Town from anywhere on Lanta; longtail trips (as usual) cost about 700 baht. There will be at least 40-70 other people on other boats, so don't expect to be alone. The reef at the snorkeling stops are more dead than alive but you will see a few little fish swimming around. Quality of snorkeling equipment varies but is in a rather bad condition. Some companies have fins, other don't. You will be sitting on the boat a lot and have 15-30 minutes at each stop.



Elephant rides can be arranged to take visitors to the top of the hill in Ko Lanta National Park.

  • Sumate Koh Lanta Yai Safari

  • Erawan Lanta Safari  : Klong Dao Beach : 66 08 2286 1996 , 08 4632 2334.

  • Be aware of the ethical issues around elephant riding. Read reviews of your trek before you go. Do not ride elephants that are kept chained or that are rocking back and forth (stereotyping) - this is a typical sign of stress. Avoid places where the elephants are made to do "tricks".



    The east side of Ko Lanta with its rich mangrove forests and caves is a great option for off-the-beaten-path kayaking. Kayaking can also be done on Ko Talabaeng, the limestone cliff near Ko Lanta.